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Many organizations have to handle and move heavy or bulky materials. Depending on their size and weight, the means available to handle them varies. Handling such materials involves risk of injury to workers. For that reason, Simar Infrastructure regulates the way materials are handled in the workplace. The material handling and storage requirements for general industry workplaces regulate machines and equipment used to handle and move materials. The rule includes general housekeeping requirements and safe practices for the use of mechanical equipment to move material.


We know that the housekeeping is the most vital process in everyday plant process. Its a day to day job and for that we arranged a proper system in the plant using advanced technologies and keep the plant safe and environment-friendly.

With an integrated material handling system, the location of items as they travel throughout a facility through sortation and processing can be better monitored and managed.

Because shipping and receiving require personnel for trailer loading and unloading, dock equipment ensures the safety of both workers and loads. Typical equipment includes attachments that secure and bridge the gap between the vehicle and the dock, lighting to illuminate the inside of the trailer, building-to-vehicle communication systems and weather protection.

Radio remote controls and independent travelling pushbutton pendants allow for a better view while keeping the operator away from the load and any associated danger.

We ensure to maximize the use of a facility’s space, storage systems improve the cube—or usable volume—of a building. Lockable storage solutions keep contents safe from unauthorized access.

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