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Simar Infrastructure regards plant maintenance as constant facility improvement and has offered effective support in achieving the PDCA cycle for facility maintenance and management. At the same time, we have helped clients introduce appropriate inspection methods to deal with the failure risks. With this approach, we have helped clients attain plant safety and enhanced reliability at the same time. Simar Infrastructure has helped plant owners to organize and utilize their partner companies to achieve efficient and comprehensive management, by tapping its expertise in the construction of large-scale plants.


Using unique business analysis methods that have been built on industrial engineering and value engineering approaches, Simar Infrastructure analyzes operation tasks, including normal, start-up, shut-down, and transition operation. Improvement plans are generated based on the results of the analyses, and many of our clients have confirmed outstanding improvements in their operation.

SIMAR analysis of your O&M performance to identify and deliver possible improvements. Carrying out specific O&M services for your assets. Managing the full scope of activities and resources to operate your power generation or gas storage assets, or addressing specific plant areas. Delivering best commercial value while ensuring safety and compliance.

O&M is an most important part for an organization/Firm/ For a Plant. For this task their should be well trained and maintainer staff. Simar Infrastructure Ltd. provides training to plant staff to handle and tackle situations and things there.

The information in this manual constitutes written policies and descriptions explaining systematic methods/procedures and assigning responsibilities for reducing the risk of personal injury, death or property damage.

Making and Implementation is not only enough to set things in plants and organization goods. Maintenance also should be there. Simar provides you annual maintenance for your goods and assets.  That’s why We are also Known as BEST MAINTENANCE OR AMC PROVIDER FOR POWER PLANTS.

Operation & Maintenance Projects