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Simar Infrastructure consists of a high-performing union maintenance team dedicated to offering high-quality and cost-effective services to heavy industrial facilities. We specialize in providing turnkey support for outages, capital projects, O&M, and preventative maintenance. We operate at low overhead and high productivity to maximize cost savings for our clients. We offer a flexible workforce, from supervisors and administrative, through craft labor and operators, priding ourselves in the quality of the end product.


Simar Infrastructure provides qualified management and union craft labor, for maintenance and construction projects within heavy industrial facilities and the energy industry. We can provide all material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for execution.

Utilising trained professionals and technology to keep your business safe and secure. The highly skilled team at Servest will work closely with you to create an integrated security strategy utilising trained security professionals supported by the very latest software and technologies; keeping your employees, visitors and assets safe and secure.

We are the approved supplier providing year-round Inspection Management Services and Support to a number of Power Plant clients worldwide. Working in accordance with our own suite of inspection procedures and techniques, we ensure that the correct techniques and procedures are applied, by appropriately qualified and experienced operators.

NDT methods help identify potential weaknesses or structural deficiencies early so power generation companies can address them before excessive downtime or loss of power generation capabilities occur. Radiographic testing is widely used in a variety of industry sectors including aerospace, power generation, construction, petroleum, chemical and automotive, and for all types of components and parts. The technique is commonly used on welded parts, castings, forgings, composites and is also used for corrosion mapping and the measurement of wall thickness.

We’ve been providing surface preparation, lead abatement, fireproofing and, of course, high-quality industrial coatings application to power and utility plants all over the country. With the state-of-the-art equipment and training necessary to get the power plant painting job done, we know how to fully protect your plant from the dangers corrosion can cause.

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