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Engineering is the profession involved in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining products, systems, and structures. The whole engineering process can be broadly classified into two groups; forward engineering and reverse engineering. Forward engineering is the traditional process of moving from high-level abstractions and logical designs to the physical implementation of a system. The process of duplicating an existing component, subassembly, or product, without the aid of drawings, documentation, or computer model is known as reverse engineering.


Reverse engineering can be mainly viewed as the process of analyzing a system to identify its components and their interrelationships, to create representations of it in another form or a higher level of abstraction. We have an expert team for that work so that the development time reduced to a remarkable scale.

Recently a great deal of research into construction IT has been completed, and this is ongoing to improve efficiency and quality in the construction sector. The new & innovative 3D laser scanning is aimed at being used to improve the efficiency and quality of construction projects.

Most reverse engineering processes include a full-working CAD file for future references. A CAD file is created so the part can be examined digitally if future issues arise. This form of technology has enhanced engineering productivity and product expression.

A key part of redesigning an existing product is understanding the product itself. Reverse engineering provides the visual to work out outdated kinks in an older system. Quality is the most important aspect of this process.

Reverse engineering’s main goal is to lead engineers on a path towards innovation and success. Succeeding includes lowering manufacturing costs and raising product effectiveness as much as possible.